Plants, Heart and Soul

Are you PLANT-CURIOUS? Wondering what the plant-based movement is all about? Are you ready to get started?

If you’ve heard those words before (plant-based), then you’ve probably found your way to this page because you are ready to make a change. Maybe you’ve been intuitively guided here?

Does this sound like how you FEEL?


Your body is talking to you, trying to tell you something is out of balance. And you can hear your body talking – loud and clear through the physical signs and symptoms you are feeling. Headaches. Achy joints. IBS. Skin rashes. Acne. Swollen hands and feet. Fatigue. Mood swings. Depression. Constipation. These, and many more are all ways your body is speaking to you, telling you to make a change. 


Your food choices just don’t resonate with you anymore. You are being urged by some kind of inner intuition to change things up. You’ve got to revamp what you are eating to get back in alignment. But how? What needs to go? What should stay? What are some new things to bring to the table?


Maybe you are hearing whispers to eat more plants. Maybe when you take a bite of that hamburger, something inside you says – bad move. Maybe you are drawn to eat more chocolate. Maybe you are being nudged to eliminate gluten. Maybe dairy. Maybe sugar. Maybe all of the above. But why? Because your intuition is always leading you to what you need.


You are feeling information overload. You started doing research about what to eat. And there are just so many choices. You feel overwhelmed. And when you feel overwhelmed, you stay stuck in the rut of eating the same old things over and over. There is a ton of information to sort through, but getting someone to support with the knowledge and intuitive guidance is the first step 🙂


You don’t ignore those inner feelings. You know how to follow your intuition and you trust it. That’s why right now you are here. Because you know there is a better way and you want to honor that inner feeling. And you don’t want to have to go through all the research. You want to work with someone to make the transition, respecting how your body feels and your intuition along the way.


A Plant-Based Coaching Program with 1-to-1 Intuitive Guidance

This coaching program is right up your alley, if:

  • You are ready to make the shift by taking some serious action
  • You feel drawn to eating a plant-based diet (with options for any eating philosophy)
  • You want to educate yourself FAST so you can start reaping the benefits
  • You want expert guidance from someone who can get you to the next level
  • You want to use food to heal your body – eat the right stuff, eliminate the bad stuff
  • You want to use food to raise your vibrations
  • You want to use food to help you expand your energetic connections
  • You want someone to help you transform your health
  • You want a culinary nutrition expert on your team
  • You also want an intuitive on your team to guide you through this transition
  • You want someone to answer your questions along the way
  • You are swimming in a sea of overwhelm and need help finding your way
  • You need the accountability of working with someone to make lasting change
  • You need help shifting your mindset to making change
  • You are frustrated with your current state of health (and/or health practitioners)

This coaching program is also for you, if:

  • You are a heart centered individual – you follow the signs
  • You embrace the word “woo”
  • You have a sixth sense
  • You choose to live a life of high vibrations
  • You want to surround yourself with high vibrations
  • You seek experiences that will raise your vibrations
  • You value alignment
  • You are soulful and open to expansion
  • You pay attention to the whispers your body is sending you
  • You value your intuitive sense
  • You value growth and your body’s evolution

Jessica knows her stuff! From her own personal experiences- frustration with symptoms and doctors, she did her own research, met with professionals, went on to become a Culinary Nutrition Expert and now wants to share her knowledge to help others live their best life. She presents a research-based program that is well organized and hands on. The program is deigned to give you information on how gluten can have an affect on your body. Jessica walks you though the steps to lead a gluten free life, supporting you all the way! Jessica’s passion for gluten free living will inspire you to become “gluten free and loving it”! The results of this change have been eye opening! I am confident that being gluten free is what I need to do to keep my body and mind healthy and lead my best life.
Amy King

Go Plant-Based. Follow Your Heart. The Signs Are All There.

The decision you are about to make will CHANGE your life. You will feel better. Your energy will increase. You will transform.

It’s all about HOW you FEEL:

You will leave our sessions feeling inspired, motivated and excited to prepare your next meal.
You will feel ENERGETICALLY aligned with what you are eating.
You awareness surrounding food will transform. You will be armed with knowledge and understanding, as well as the how-to.
You will feel intuitively guided as we connect to your inner voice and create your plant-based diet especially for you.
You will feel at peace with how you eat.
You will feel empowered as you take back control of your health.
You will raise your energetic vibrations.
you will go from “things just keeping getting worse” to “things just keep getting better.”

peachesMy favorite part about working with you was your genuine enthusiasm! I am always a tad nervous talking about my health, especially to strangers but your warm, inviting way made it easy to be completely honest and open in a matter of minutes. For the first time, I felt like I could ACTUALLY live a gluten free lifestyle, something for years I have wanted to try but never had the courage or tools. The packet you provided for us was perfect! It is not so long that I will never read it, just a simple handy guide on what to look for in foods. I would 110% refer a friend to you! This is a unique program and I think there are a lot of people looking how to go gluten free but very few doctors or nutritionists that teach you the correct way to do it with WHOLE FOOD INTEGRATION!
Karla Kress Boyle

Here’s what you will get:


Session 1 – Mindset, Intuitive Guidance and Foundation Building  + New Recipes with Meal Plan/Shopping List (usually 1 hour)

This will be a thought provoking session where we will dive into your food philosophies, beliefs and mindset surrounding food. We will bring forward your intuition. And if you are open to it, we can call in your guides through a meditation and ask for intuitive support and signs.


You will leave this session with inspiration and motivation. Your mindset will be your most powerful asset during your plantiful transformation. 


We will identify how you want to feel and what you want your life to look like when all is said and done. Trust me, life will change for the better.

You will also receive a plantiful meal plan to get you started with shopping list and 5 days worth of meals and snacks done with you.

Sessions 2, 3, 4 – Supporting You on Your Journey 

These sessions are typically 1 hour.  They are “individual” specific and will meet YOUR specific needs wherever you are at in the plant-based journey.

Each session will be designed to meet your needs, but we might cover topics such as:

  • Learning the basics of a plant based diet covering important concepts (kitchen clean out, label reading, restocking with plant based and health promoting foods, the basics of a gluten free life, superpower foods to build health and energy, meal planning and prepping basics, mindfulness practices)
  • Using the power of intuition, as well as your spirit guides to help make choices about foods to include/foods to avoid
  • Boosting your energy by aligning your eating habits with high vibrational foods
  • Creating meal plans together for eating success
  • Building your confidence in the kitchen so you can feel inspired and excited to prepare your meals

What else to expect?

Weekly Homework
As a former third grade teacher, I believe in the power of homework! It’s your time to practice, make mistakes and revise as you go with my support.

So you will be given “take action” homework! In order for you to be successful, you must implement the homework. We will check in at each session about how things are going so I can best tailor our sessions to meet your needs.

Email Support
You will also be able to contact me in between sessions should questions arise. Your success is my goal. I’ll be with you every step of the way, and then some.

PDF Guides
I will provide you with downloadable guides that cover all the information we discuss during our sessions so you can reference these at any time. Hang them up on the fridge, tuck them away in your purse when you visit the grocery store, or put them on your nightstand to read before bed!

Meal Plans
We will create plant-based meal plans together during each session based on what you like to eat, which will enable you to implement your new learning without feel overwhelmed. You will receive a meal plan plus corresponding shopping list.

Investment, $555


The benefit from our work together is that I got my life back! I am participating in my life with more clarity now by listening to my body. Spending the day without cloudiness or pain has allowed me to be more present in my day. There is a feeling of power that has come from your course. Food labels no longer overwhelm me. (I do refer to some of your cheat sheets!) There is a new excitement about taking time to preparing some homemade gluten free food. Your recipes and food resources you shared are extremely helpful to create some variety. Eating out, I assumed would be a challenge. However, your encouragement and strategies really helped make it effortless.

It was a joy to meet with you each week. Your smiling face, personal experience stories and words of encouragement helped me get over some of the humps I had with the transition. Your passion for wanting a gluten free life was contagious!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Amy King

Time is precious, so just to be clear….this program is NOT for you if:

  • you don’t want to change the way you eat
  • you are not ready to take action
  • you are not motivated to make any changes
  • you don’t have to devote to making the change

If you’re not sure if we are the right fit, send me a message and we can schedule a free 15 minute Skype call to meet 🙂

Let’s create high vibrational & optimal health together. Ready?

Investment, $555


About Jessica Yeager:

Jessica Yeager is a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and a former elementary school teacher turned Culinary Nutrition Educator. A visionary for health creation, she believes in raising the level of optimal health in the world by bringing education, information and take action now strategies to people everywhere. She wants to empower you to change what you eat, so you can change how you feel using real, whole foods that heal. Optimal health, she believes, starts with the food you eat. You can read more about her here and her food philosophy hereIt’s time to live your best life, right now.

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