Fall Into a New Morning Habit: Mushroom Tea


What do mushrooms and coffee have in common? Nothing really, other than the fact that I enjoy a cup of mushroom tea each morning in place of coffee.

You see I love coffee. Actually I love the idea of coffee — the ritual of sitting down with a friend, catching up with each other and sipping a warm cup of joe together. Coffee makes me think of my Mom. It makes me think of my Grandfather. It makes me think of my Nonna. It makes me think all those times spent chatting over a cup of coffee with the important people in my life. There’s nothing like stopping in to say hello and getting asked, “How ‘bout a cup of coffee?” And then taking time to just be present and relax in conversation with each other.

But coffee doesn’t work for my body. It makes my body very acidic, and we want an alkaline body. Disease breeds in an acidic body, but can be halted or reversed in an alkaline body.

So I don’t drink coffee much anymore, but my coffee dates haven’t stopped. In fact, they have gotten so much better. Now I enjoy a cup of mushroom tea, which happily takes the place of the usual coffee.

Healing Benefits

Mushrooms are packed with healing benefits and promote optimal health. They have been heavily researched and supported by science to have anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immune boosting properties.

Each mushroom has its own unique benefit. For example, Chaga boosts immunity, Reishi calms the nerves and helps you sleep better, Cordyceps boosts energy, increases ATP production and speeds up recovery (especially popular with athletes), Shiitake aides the body in detoxification, and Lion’s Mane improves brain power.

Another award winning quality of mushrooms is their adaptogenic nature. These guys really are some smart cookies. Adaptogenic basically means that the mushroom will adapt to your body and its needs. For example, if you have an over functioning immune system, it will calm the system. But if you have an under active immune system it will boost it. Now that’s powerful.

Really, You Drink Mushrooms?

I learned about medicinal mushrooms during my studies in the Culinary Nutrition Expert program at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. Tero, the president of Four Sigma Foods (the company which sells these mushrooms) was a special guest during one of our live classes. Before this class, I never knew about the power of mushrooms, but after this class, I had to get my hands on some. My first order was Chaga since I am always working to boost my immune system. I love ordering from Four Sigma Foods because they have a stellar product and a passion for bringing healing foods to people everywhere.

So how does it work?

The mushroom tea comes in a small packet of granule. You simply empty a packet of the tea into hot water and there you have it. The tea has a dark and coffee like presence, and while it doesn’t taste like coffee, it functions just the same. I still add my homemade nut milk, which gives it that creamy, lighter color (no sugar needed). And it has a deep flavor similar to a chicory root, but without the bitterness.

I know you want to try it!

If you are interested in boosting your health with medicinal mushrooms, there are many sources for which you can find them. However, I love ordering the mushroom drink mixes from Four Sigma Foods because it’s a unique way to add them into your daily regime and it’s a stellar alternative to coffee.

So, how ‘bout a cup of mushroom tea?

Have you ever tried mushroom drinks? What’s your favorite coffee alternative?