I believe you always have a choice in life. When it comes to the food you eat, it’s a question of quality….will you choose food to build your health or build dis-ease?

I’m Jessica Yeager, Culinary Nutrition Educator + Artist in the Kitchen, and it is my intention to spread culinary nutrition into your world – – the art of eating and cooking for health, using real, whole food, that is naturally, gluten free.

Here’s the thing — fueling your body with health promoting foods has never felt more complicated. There are so many diets to consider, decisions to make and marketing claims for which to contend.

You are overwhelmed by it all!

I’m here to simplify it for you. To guide you and support you as you make the shift to  a plant-based, health promoting lifestyle. You see, plant-based foods serve as the common denominator for all other diets . If you can get the plant thing right – by eating high quality, nutrient dense foods (free from GMOs, chemicals, pesticides and the like) then you can build optimal health.  It’s that simple.

After that, it’s all about paying attention to the whispers of your body. Getting in touch with your intuition. What else is your body telling you that it needs to succeed? Do you need some animal products? If so, what types do you need? Do you need more grounding foods? Are you sensitive to the energetic natures of food? Do you need more healthy fats? What do you need to avoid?

Once you have a plant based foundation, then you can adjust it to fit the exact needs of your body. No BODY is the same. Every BODY needs something a little different. So forget the diets, labels, and hard core rules. Instead, build your own plant-based eating style around foods that FEEL right for you. (Just don’t forget to choose high quality sources).

I can empower you with this knowledge in an easy to understand way.

You can have optimal health. You can set yourself free from the chains of chronic pain, dis-ease, and feeling confused about what to eat. You can get in touch with your innermost voice and let it lead the way. 

How do I know? Well, I reclaimed my own health using food and intuition. Here’s my “healing with food” story:

It all started in my early 20’s when I began suffering from severe arthritis – it was in my hands, my feet, my back, my shoulders….everywhere. So I visited a rheumatologist for answers because at the time, that was the logical next step (now, I tap into my energy to get a read on what is really going on first). I was told my symptoms sounded like I probably had, Rheumatoid ArthritisI didn’t like the sound of that, so I moved on to doctor #2.

Rheumatologist #2 thought my symptoms sounded like Fibromyalgia. Again, that didn’t sit well with me.

The third rheumatologist was super annoyed with me because she did some lab work and found that I had the gene for, Ankylosing SpondylitisYet I wasn’t presenting as a classic case. She didn’t know what to do with me (and literally got mad at me). I had the gene BUT my symptoms didn’t exactly match.

Nonetheless, she wanted to air on the “safe side” and diagnosed me with having Ankylosing Spondylitis. I had never heard of this disease. Could you tell me more I innocently asked. She informed me it was a crippling disease – one which would eventually cause my spine to fuse together and in a few years, it would render me unable to walk.  She urged me to immediately go on immune suppressing drugs to stop the disease in its tracks.  True story.

So I visited one final rheumatologist for one final opinion. The outcome and prescription was the same – immune suppressing drugs. Feeling scared and nervous, I contemplated the medicine. Naturally, I asked about the possible side effects. She said I needed to get the medicine via transfusion and that it could make my heart could stop. But rest assured, there is always an EMT on call. Another true story.

It was at that moment that I heard a voice from deep within, speaking to me – my intuition was rising up.

Do not go on the drugs. You are not sick. Do not go on the drugs. You do not have this disease. Do not go on the drugs. Do not listen to that doctor. Find another way. Investigate alternative options. Do not go on the drugs.”

I thanked the physician for her time,  politely excused myself from the room, walked out of her office and never, ever returned.

Best decision of my life. It set off a chain of events that led me to transform my health using food as medicine and alternative forms of healthcare, as well as learning to trust my inner voice, my intuition. Now, I am living a healthy, vibrant, plant-based life and for the record, I am still walking! 

Are you ready to create your own “healing with food” story?

YOU have the POWER within you to create and advocate for optimal health. YOU have the power to CHOOSE health promoting foods over disease building foods. YOU have the OPTION to live a life free of chronic pain. And YOU can DECIDE to start eating for health with your very next bite!

What do you say? Are you ready today?

Whether you are just starting to make changes to the way you eat or are stuck in a rut and need fresh ideas, I can help you create a plant-based diet (free from any strict rules or calorie counting) for which to build your health. 


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