Meal Planning + Culinary Nutrition Coaching

You’re trying to find an answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?”

You want to eat healthy, but you seem to fall off the bandwagon midweek.

You have health questions and are looking for some guidance.

You want to learn how to upgrade your health using food.

Does this sound like how you FEEL?


Eating healthy has never been more complicated. Should you go gluten free? Dairy free? Plant based? Paleo? Should you increase your intake of healthy fats? Forget about the calories? How do you make sense of it all?


You are starting your “healing with food” journey and you need a trusted mentor. Someone who has the experience and knowledge to guide you on your new path, whether you have food questions or something specific to your health condition. The meal plan you receive will be health supportive, but you will walk away from the session feeling energized and ready to push forward. I encourage my clients to write down their questions and bring them to discuss.    


You’ve been eating the same things over and over because they are your safe foods. Foods you think are healthy and seem to work for your body. But you don’t have much to choose from and really, you are just so bored with your selection. You want to spice it up, but not sure with what. 


We’ve all done it! Bought that meal plan with the mouth-watering pictures and touting all kinds of health benefits. But then you get the meal plan, download the lists and find you either can’t find some of the ingredients or you just don’t like the recipes. And it gets stashed in a folder on your computer somewhere. Well, you had good intentions. 


Your life is busy and sitting down to plan out your meals is the last thing on your list. But you want to eat healthy and you know meal planning is the key to success. You just don’t have the time. 


This has definitely happened to me. You search the web for inspiration and then before you know it you’re looking up the benefit of brazil nuts, searching for that nut milk bag, and trying to find the safest cookware for your kitchen. You got distracted and the meal plan never got done. You’ve spent an hour or more on the computer and now you have to get on with your day. Maybe you will get to meal planning next week. As for this week, you’ll buy your same old, same old.   

What is Culinary Nutrition?

Quite simply, culinary nutrition is the art of eating and cooking for health. 

When you combine these two words you get a philosophy of choosing to eat foods that build health and owning the process yourself, by getting back in the kitchen, instead of letting big food companies have the reins.


Meal plan designed by YOU, with ME (a certified culinary nutrition expert)

This meal planning session is for you if: 

  • You want to upgrade your health using food
  • You are tired of downloading delicious meal plans only to find out they are too hard to make or not really what you like
  • You’re not sure what to eat anymore because there is so much marketing out there that makes you confused
  • You don’t want meals from a can
  • You want to get back in the kitchen and get cooking
  • You want to look forward to what you are eating
  • You want expert guidance from someone who can get you eating healthy
  • You want to use food to heal your body – eat the right stuff, eliminate the bad stuff
  • You want a culinary nutrition expert on your team
  • You want someone to support you as you design a healthy meal plan
  • You want someone to guide you and answer your questions along the way
  • You want someone who has done the research and will teach you what you need to know
  • You are swimming in a sea of overwhelm and need help finding your way
  • You want to experience optimal health
  • You are frustrated with your current state of health (and/or health practitioners)

This meal planning session is also for you, if:

  • You have a chronic health condition you want to resolve, have an autoimmune condition or suspect you have leaky gut/intestinal permeability
  • You want to switch to a plant based eating style
  • You are confused what it means to be plant based
  • You want to eliminate gluten from your diet
  • You want to eliminate dairy from your diet
  • You want to eliminate refined sugar from your diet
  • You aren’t quite sure what it means to eliminate those things
  • You want someone to answer your questions about these things

You want to FEEL “set up for success” with a meal plan that is designed by  YOU with your health in mind AND your taste buds!

You want the FREEDOM to start eating and not worrying about whether your meal is balanced, nutrient dense, or healthy.

Keyon BayaniMy meal planning session with Jessica totally blew my mind! I have been battling with my weight, yo-yoing since I had my kids. I lost 15 kg’s about 3 years ago and have mostly kept it off, a few kg’s have crept on here and there along the way.

But in doing that, I was steering clear of the foods I love, like avocados, bananas, potatoes etc…In that one session I learnt that I could incorporate those foods into my diet (sweet potato over normal potato) and not put on weight! I started the amazing meal plan the very next day (you get a shopping list of exactly what you need, it even tells you how many of the one item to buy!!).

I felt fuller than I ever have before and I wasn’t craving sweets or feeling unfulfilled. It’s even eliminated my brain fog!! Go do yourselves a favour guys! She’s brilliant, generous and really helps you get to the root of your eating issues.  

Keyon Bayani

What will you GAIN from our time together?

As a culinary nutrition expert, I am trained to help you create well balanced, nutrient dense, health promoting meal plans. And since we will be doing this together, you will enjoy what you are eating because YOU will be designing it with my support.

Enjoy more time and focus on things you love

Get your nutrition questions answered by a culinary nutrition expert

Be prepared to LOVE every meal you eat for the next 5 days

Enjoy a naturally gluten free meal plan, no thinking required

Be successful eating healthy all week long

Feel empowered as you get to CHOOSE what you want to eat

Be free of calorie counting and any strict rules

Find peace as you allow your intuition to guide your food choices

Rejoice with your 5-Day Meal Plan AND Shopping List in hand in one hour

Enjoy eating with confidence all week long

peachesMy favorite part about working with you was your genuine enthusiasm! I am always a tad nervous talking about my health, especially to strangers but your warm, inviting way made it easy to be completely honest and open in a matter of minutes. For the first time, I felt like I could ACTUALLY live a gluten free lifestyle, something for years I have wanted to try but never had the courage or tools. The packet you provided for us was perfect! It is not so long that I will never read it, just a simple handy guide on what to look for in foods. I would 110% refer a friend to you! This is a unique program and I think there are a lot of people looking how to go gluten free but very few doctors or nutritionists that teach you the correct way to do it with WHOLE FOOD INTEGRATION!
Karla Kress Boyle

Here’s what to expect:

Meal Planning PLUS Culinary Nutrition Coaching- How it works

1. Purchase your “Meal Planning + Culinary Nutrition Coaching” Session
When you click the purchase link, you will be taken to a page to schedule a date and pay for your session.

2. Check Your Email
You will receive an email with two forms to fill out. Once these are filled out, I will create a meal plan tailored to your preferences/allergies.

3. Meal Planning + Culinary Nutrition Coaching Session (about an hour) 
We will meet via Zoom for our session. I will share my screen with you so that you can see your meal plan. Please use a personal computer, not a mobile devise for our session. This enables me to screen share with you.

We will review the overall plan and make any changes necessary. Then we will review the shopping list to ensure you are familiar with all ingredients.

During the session, we will also go over any questions you have about food/nutrition, meal prepping, cooking techniques, what to eat/what not to eat, recommended brands, anything really!

4. You Implement the Meal Plan
If you have questions throughout the week of your meal plan, you have my support, just message me and I will get back to you!

What you can expect from my meal plans?

I specialize in plant based eating (with options for any diet) using real, whole foods. My meal plans are gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free and processed free.


The meal plans are tailored to meet your food preferences and/or allergy needs.

What will you receive? 

Meal Plan 
The meal plan will include 5 days worth of meals, including: breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as an afternoon and evening snack.

Meal Plan
Meal Plan

Shopping List
Your list will be separated into categories to make shopping at the food store easy.

Corresponding Shopping List
Corresponding Shopping List

Each meal or snack will have a corresponding recipe.

All recipes are included
All recipes are included

**These arrive as one PDF file for easy access and saving.



The benefit from our work together is that I got my life back! I am participating in my life with more clarity now by listening to my body. Spending the day without cloudiness or pain has allowed me to be more present in my day. There is a feeling of power that has come from your course. Food labels no longer overwhelm me. (I do refer to some of your cheat sheets!) There is a new excitement about taking time to preparing some homemade gluten free food. Your recipes and food resources you shared are extremely helpful to create some variety. Eating out, I assumed would be a challenge. However, your encouragement and strategies really helped make it effortless.

It was a joy to meet with you each week. Your smiling face, personal experience stories and words of encouragement helped me get over some of the humps I had with the transition. Your passion for wanting a gluten free life was contagious!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Amy King

Time is precious, so just to be clear….this meal planning session is NOT for you if:

  • you don’t really want or like to cook
  • you aren’t ready to make changes to the way you eat
  • you aren’t ready to give up the processed food
  • you aren’t open to trying new things

If you’re not sure if we are the right fit, send me a message and we can schedule a free 15 minute Skype call to meet 🙂

Let’s set you up for eating success all week long! Ready?



About Jessica Yeager:

Jessica Yeager is a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and a former elementary school teacher turned Culinary Nutrition Educator. A visionary for health creation, she believes in raising the level of optimal health in the world by bringing education, information and take action now strategies to people everywhere. She wants to empower you to change what you eat, so you can change how you feel using real, whole foods that heal. Optimal health, she believes, starts with the food you eat. You can read more about her here and her food philosophy hereIt’s time to live your best life, right now.

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