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Jessica took responsibility for her own health when she was quite young, investing years researching and studying the best ways to heal herself— and she got the job done. As a seeker of knowledge, she never dives into a subject in one direction only—she is a length, width, height, depth kind of learner—she blankets her subject!

There will never be an end result kind of thing for Jessica; her horizons are always moving forward in all directions. She has a depth of nutritional knowledge that flows upward from the earth to the seed, to the fruit to your plate—and she can connect all the dots. Her knowledge of nutrition and health is formidable.

Her most singular asset is that she earnestly wants you to understand that you can be healthy and lead your best life now, and believe me, she knows how to do it!

Margaret Chiaccio Powell
 Jessica makes eating healthy super easy.  It is inspiring to hear her talk about proper nutrition.  She teaches you the benefits of certain foods, and the harmful effects of foods that are processed, and products containing GMOs.  Not only does she teach you about nutrition, she offers delicious recipes and encourages you to tweak those recipes to suit your own needs or taste.  Jessica is a great teacher and mentor.  She celebrates each recipe you have tried and each small change you have made.  She is an amazing person and is truly improving people’s lives.  
Danielle Cherry

Jessica knows her stuff! From her own personal experiences- frustration with symptoms and doctors, she did her own research, met with professionals, went on to become a Culinary Nutrition Expert and now wants to share her knowledge to help others live their best life. She presents a research-based program that is well organized and hands on. The program is deigned to give you information on how gluten can have an affect on your body. Jessica walks you though the steps to lead a gluten free life, supporting you all the way! Jessica’s passion for gluten free living will inspire you to become “gluten free and loving it”! The results of this change have been eye opening! I am confident that being gluten free is what I need to do to keep my body and mind healthy and lead my best life.

The benefit from our work together is that I got my life back! I am participating in my life with more clarity now by listening to my body. Spending the day without cloudiness or pain has allowed me to be more present in my day. There is a feeling of power that has come from your course. Food labels no longer overwhelm me. (I do refer to some of your cheat sheets!) There is a new excitement about taking time to preparing some homemade gluten free food. Your recipes and food resources you shared are extremely helpful to create some variety. Eating out, I assumed would be a challenge. However, your encouragement and strategies really helped make it effortless.

It was a joy to meet with you each week. Your smiling face, personal experience stories and words of encouragement helped me get over some of the humps I had with the transition. Your passion for wanting a gluten free life was contagious!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Amy King,Gluten Free and Loving It Coaching Program
My favorite part about working with you was your genuine enthusiasm! I am always a tad nervous talking about my health, especially to strangers but your warm, inviting way made it easy to be completely honest and open in a matter of minutes. For the first time, I felt like I could ACTUALLY live a gluten free lifestyle, something for years I have wanted to try but never had the courage or tools. The packet you provided for us was perfect! It is not so long that I will never read it, just a simple handy guide on what to look for in foods. I would 110% refer a friend to you! This is a unique program and I think there are a lot of people looking how to go gluten free but very few doctors or nutritionists that teach you the correct way to do it with WHOLE FOOD INTEGRATION!
Karla Kress Boyle, Gluten Free and Loving It Coaching Program

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