Are you ready to start having fun in your kitchen again?

Do you want to learn how to prepare meals that will nourish and heal your body?

Is your Vitamix begging to get used? How about those cutting boards? That really awesome food processor? Maybe that juicer is gathering dust.

Invite me over and let’s change that ASAP!

Culinary Nutritious Cooking Lessons

Cook side by side with a certified culinary nutrition expert in your own kitchen. Together we will review important information about food choices and then cook a delicious meal using real, whole foods that will nourish and heal the body. You will learn basic culinary techniques (no chef hat required), and build your creative and intuitive cooking skills.  Leave the session feeling inspired, satisfied and excited for more!


There are two parts to each session. The first part consists of nutrition education and the second part will be the cooking instruction. It’s kind of like meeting with both a nutritionist AND a chef. Two for the price of one!

Nutrition Education (30-45 minutes) – During this time we will review how to create a healthy foundation by eliminating inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, sugar) and incorporating real, whole foods, how to heal the gut using food as medicine, how to read ingredient labels and be on the look out for health-washing, how to meal plan and meal prep, and how to automate the process to make it fast and easy.

PLUS,  every session will be tailored to your specific needs so we will cover any area that you need as questions arise.

Cooking Instruction (1-1.5 hours) – This time is reserved for the meal preparation which will be based on the type of recipes you want/need to learn. I will review different choices with you prior to each session. I will also share an ingredient list with you so you are able to prepare for our session with ample time.

**NOTE: the first session will be a basic recipe as most of our time will be spent reviewing the nutrition information.


Location: Your home (serving NJ and surrounding area)
Length: 4 total sessions (weekly or biweekly), 2 hours each
Investment: $600

Here’s how it works:

1. Purchase the culinary nutrition lesson package and schedule your dates upon checkout
2. Fill out the intake form so I can prepare for our first session
3. You will also receive the recipe and ingredient list for our first lesson
4. You will purchase all ingredients prior to my visit and ensure you have all necessary equipment
5. I will come to your house on our scheduled day
6. We will cook, eat and learn together!

Next steps…

Purchase your culinary nutritious cooking lesson package (4 lessons total) by clicking below. It will take you to an online scheduling system where you will pay and can then choose dates and times for our lessons.

Please also fill out the intake form so we can both be prepared for our lessons.

If you do not see a date/time that works for you, please send me a message and we will find another time that does work!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! 

Four total lessons (each 2 hours) $600


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